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I am a big fan of the US TV series, most TV series are about the supernatural things, like the ghost. I like to take adventures, to have a look at the world and get to know more about the world. I must have to admit that I am afraid of ghost, when the dark night comes, if I am alone, I will be scared. But I am still interested in the horror movie, I feel so excited when I see the horror movie, I want to know if there is ghost in the world, many year ago, I believe. But as I grow up, I start to doubt the faith I have, I think ghost exists in our hearts, it is a guilty feeling.


It"s spring now. The weather is warm and comfortable. It"s a good time for hiking. Therefore, my teacher organized a climbing for us. There is a beautiful mountain in my city and it"s target this time. We took bus there and arrived there at 9 p.m.. After we took off the bus, we started to climb. The mountain is high but the scenery is beautiful. We are so excited that we climbed fast at first. But after a while, some of us were tired,especially girls. They did not want to go on anymore. But some others encouraged and helped them. All of us slowed down our speed, so that no one was left behind. About 11:00 p.m., we got to the top of the mountain. We were so happy that we did it. We feel that all the tiredness were worth it.


初中生英语优秀作文范文二:与家人的一天 A Day with Families

Today, my parents took me to my grandfather’s home. I talked with my grandfather for a little while and then I played with my brothers and sisters. After a while, my elderly brother suggested going to the park and having a rest. “That’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the outing. However, after lunch, the sky turned dark and rained heavily. Therefore, our plan was an impossible due to the bad weather. How pity it was! All the afternoon, we could only have fun in house. We played cards, watched TV and played computer games. We were happy, but we still hoped that we can go out next time.




My parents are teachers, so they want me to read more books. When I started to learn reading, they bought me a lot of novel books, such as Harry Potter, Alice In the Wonderland and so on. I saw the movie first, and then I would have the interest to read the novels. I found that the novel were with much more details and I was absorbed in it. The literary books not only described an attractive world, but the more important thing was that it enlightened me to be a better girl. what I learned from these novels helps me to be independent and I have my own thinking.



Nowadays, girls are easily seduced by the commercial advertisement. They believe that only look like these beautiful supermodels will they be perfect. So they refuse to have more food, which they think will make them fat. Many parents worry about their children so much, because these girls are so young, and they need enough nutrition to grow their bodies. In order to help the young people have the right attitude to life, it is important to let them realize the danger of refusing food. If they want to be beautiful, the only way is to keep the healthy diet and take exercise. When we are confident about ourselves, we will have charm.


In my hometown, the air is polluted seriously. However, in recent years, the pollution gets from bad to worse, because of the increasing number of private cars. Especially during the rush hours, too many private vehicles move slowly on narrow roads, emitting a large amount of waste gas. Moreover, the poisonous gas sent by the nearby factories is also one of the main causes of pollution. Therefore, it’s demanded that immediate and effective measures must be taken to restrict private cars and public transportation must be developed to the largest extent. Besides, we should use renewable and clean energy recourses.


Nobel Prize is part of the heritage of Alfred Bernhard Nobel, who is a Swedish chemist and dynamite inventor. He put 31000000 SEK as the fund to establish the prize. Nobel Prize contains five awards, which are physical, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace prize. They awarded the people who make great contributions year in the world in these areas last past depending on the annual interest of the fund or investment income. The first award set in 1901. It was a feather in one’s cap to win the Nobel Prize. Mo Yan sets a good example, who won the Nobel Prize recently. He is the pride of our Chinese.



国庆节National Day

I went to my cousin"s house on the first day of the holidays and got a piece of good news that his wife was pregnant;She said she"s worrying about getting fat,but on her face there was a unconcealable pleasure of conceiving a baby.My cousin told me that he"ll educate his child in a severe way.I"m happy for them.:)


Yesterday,our research school"s soccer team had a match with the graduate students from the department of international business.It was almost a close game in the first half,but we seemed lacking of vigor in the second half,so,we lost the game.


Half of the National Day holidays have passed by...life still goes with good and bad times.



Introducing yourself is very important when you meet new people. You always want to make a good impression when telling others about yourself. Allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Pat and I"m from Taiwan. Right now, I"m a student. I study very hard every day. I like going to school because I"m eager to learn. I enjoy learning English. It"s my favorite class. I like to make friends and I get along with everyone. This is the introduction I give whenever I meet new people. It tells people a little bit about me and about what I like to do.


我们学校的变化The Changes in Our School

I’m a student in a middle school. I want to tell you that our school has changed a lot . Our school is much bigger than before. There also is a big garden now.And many trees and flowers are there. we can sit and relax ourselves there.


The playground is much bigger and more beautiful than before. Many boys play football there after school.And many girls play games there.They are very happy.


Now we are in Grade 3, we have to study harder than before. Students do their homework in their free time.I think it is good, but taking some exercise is important, too.


Now our school is more beautiful, we are more polite to our teachers and we like to study very much. I think our school has changed in many ways.




People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. I can"t agree with it anymore. Last week, I woke up very early in the morning, so I decided to take a walk. The street was very quiet and there were many old people dancing in the square. Without many cars, I realized the city looked so clean and beautiful. Some coffee shops decorates so well, which attrated my eyes. The city was coverd by the green trees, which made it a green city. I liked this feeling so much. At this moment, I found the city was so lovely, I just ingored its beauty usually.


幸运的我 The Lucky Me

Today, when I go home after school, I find that I lose my key. I feel so worried and try to remember all the places I have been to. As I walk into the shop, an old man stops me and asks if I lose the key. I feel so excited and say yes. At last, I find my key and go home. Though I am lucky this time, I tell myself not to do it again.


快乐的夏天 Happy Summer

This summer, I move to a new city with my parents, and I transfer to a new school. I used to live in the countryside, so my new life is so different from before. The school is a little far from my home, so I go to school by bus. After school, I have many activities in school. Classmates are friendly to me. I learn English now. It"s so interesting that I like it very much. Besides, life in city is different. There are many interesting places to go. At weekends, my parents take me outside. We go to the park, the zoo or go shopping. But we are not so familiar with our neighbors. I think we should build good relationship with them.


森林防火 Protect Forest From Fire

Nowadays, the environment has been polluted badly, the government tries hard to call for the public to return the world green. But every year, there are so many incidents about the forest on fired. It is so sad for us, because it means the environment gets worse. We must pay attention to protect the forest and do not bring fire.


我的语文老师 My Chinese teacher

I love my Chinese teacher.Her name is Lui Xiaohong. She is from Nanchang. She"s very active and strict. She has two big and bright eyes. She"s very nice.She is short and thin. She is always smiling. I don"t know what season is her favourite. Because I don"t know her very well. Her class is very funny, I love it very much.



Mental health

Now there is a growing awareness/recognition of the necessity to mental health.A great number of people probably because of facing various pressures from work and life,they all look anxious and grieved. In general,there"s something bad was gonna happen to them.The phenomenon,thought-provoking as it is,does mirror a current social phenomenon-many people are suffering from mental problems,which should arouse the great concern of our whole society.

There may be a combination of factors which can explain the circumstances.On the one hand,with the developing of science and technology,many people under great pressure in order to make a living. On the other hand,they ignore the development of their mental health.In front of frustrations and failures,they don"t know how to handle them and how to adjust themselves.A long time of depressed will usually cause severe mental illness,which does great harm to people"s daily life.

Consequently,the problems of mental health should pay more attention to . In the first place,we should learn to improve our psychological adaptability to cope with stress. What"s more,exercise is a key factor in keeping fit-physically and mentally. At length,mental intervention in time,if necessary,should also be developed to help us resume both physical and mental health.


People can find fake products everywhere, the fake products imitate the brand products, because of the low price of the fake products, people are willing to buy them. The difference between the fake products and brand products is the material, the former have bad quality, the latter are in high quality and the material is comfortable. The fake products should be taken away by the police and the manufacturer should be punished by the law. But the fact is that less Chinese people have the consciousness of copyright, people don’t know to protect the consumer’s right. That is why the fake products popular all the time.


Every person has a idol in their heart. Children chase famous singers and actors. They are attracted by their beautiful appearance and all kinds of talents, but in my heart, the person I like the most is my English teacher. She is a very nice person. I remembered the first day I saw her. I felt so nervous and didn"t know how to answer her question. She smiled and helped me to solve the problem. I felt so thankful and tried to learn English well. I like her class so much, because she will introduce some western music and culture to us. I gain a lot of knowledge and broaden my vision.



I went to the Mu zha zoo with my friends last Sunday.It is on the road to Mu zha in taipei.It took us about forty minutes to get there by MRT.There was a big Mcdonald"s near by the zoo.There was so many people that it took us some time to buy the tickets.Around the entrance there were many vendors they were selling toys and puppets.We took a look at these verdors and then went inside the zoo.

There were many sections in the zoo,like bird world,the animal area,the penquin house and the koala house.We just follow the crowd and wactched those cute animals.Some animals were cute and funny,such as the parrots:and some others were lazy,like hippos.It was the sunny day so we were take a rest under the tree when it was too hot.After we visited all the sections I like all of the animals in the zoo except for some crazy monkeys.

I was most inpriced by the nocturnal animal house.I usually enjoyed watching those animals because I thought they were cool and beautiful,like the owls.Another reason I like the nocturnal animal house is because it was cool in the house,but everything was a little smelling.We left the zoo in the evening and was still a lot of people outside the zoo.I hope I can come back soon because I think this is a really fun place.


In the old China, people were seduced by opium and many people had ruined their lives. Today, China becomes stronger and opium has become the history, but the new type drug catches people"s attention all the time. When we walk around the street, we can find that most people are lowering their heads and playing smart phone. Smart phone has been the new drug for people, especially for young generation. They play it for such a long time that their body health is under threat. The news has reported many incidents of people feel uncomfortable after playing mobile phones for a long time. We need to use mobile phone in the proper way, or we will get into trouble.